Joshua was recognized for Outstanding Male Debut by in their Cabaret Honors List! 

This happy-go-lucky breath of sunshine won a whole community over with his delightful debut show, Fly Up. Stitching together frayed pieces of his life, this infectiously outgoing performer touched on everything from  his humble Mormon beginnings to his wild college days, his love of musical theater and his personal struggle for acceptance being gay in a world that was not always accepting. And, he wrapped it all up in a series of masterful musical vignettes unfolding his pieces of dreams under the always intelligent direction of Gerry Geddes with musical director Steven Ray Watkins. A great reading of Scott Even Davis’s terrific “Cautiously Optimistic” set the stage for what was to come.  What unfolded was a bevy of captivating vignette-like set ups paired with well chosen songs and minimal banter that exposed a multi-talented young man who has so much to offer. This debut was a teaser that is only the beginning (if Broadway doesn’t snatch him first) of what promises to be a relevant career on the intimate stage – with a great baritone to boot. Closing all this with “On A Clear Day You Can See Forever,” was succinct in its sanguine message of what lies ahead as he embraces his optimistic future. Mr. Dixon is a solid winner, off to a good start and, hopefully, that future will involve many more shows in cabaret.